'Deadpool 2' Officially Releases Juggernaut Clip Online

If you didn't get a chance to see Deadpool 2, or you just want to see one of the best parts of the sequel again, then get re-acquainted with X-Men villain Juggernaut in the new Deadpool 2 clip above!

The scene takes place in the third act of the film, when Deadpool and his makeshift X-Force team (Cable, Domino, and... Dopinder), track young Russell Collins to the Essex House for Mutant Rehabilitation. There, they hope to sway Russell away from his dark intention to murder the cruel Headmaster, but there's one, big, obstacle standing in X-Force's way: The Juggernaut, who has decided to team-up with Russell for some good old fashioned mayhem!

Juggernaut and Colossus square off, but the metal X-Man clearly takes some hard hits. Eventually, after the rest of X-Force can't stop Juggernaut, Colossus has to tap that little bit of Deadpool that's inside him, and use some dirty, nut-punching tactics to whup Juggernaut's unstoppable arse!

X-Men movie fans were pleasantly surprised to Juggernaut onscreen again, after actor Vinnie Jones played the villain in the much-hated X-Men: The Last Stand (2006). It was an extra bit of fun to learn that Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds voiced Juggernaut in the film, and director David Leitch recently revealed more of the behind-the-scenes work that went into creating this new version of the character:

"We had somebody in a gray suit, you know, performance capture, but we weren't recording," Leitch told ComicBook.com. "It was only for a reference on film. We weren't recording mo-cap. He's completely animated and so, we just thought, because his geometry, he's so tall, getting performance capture onset for his physicality wasn't effective. If it was going to be an actor where we saw his face, we would probably have done a face rig, but it wasn't that situation. So, we had different stunt performers at different times play him as reference, but it was never a mo-cap situation."

Deadpool 2's version of Cain Marko / Juggernaut sounded very much like a gruff NYC construction worker, and Reynolds made sure that he had a steady string of one-liners, which kept fans laughing throughout his brief screen time. While the full X-Force movie will already be stuffed with characters, another cameo from ol' Juggernaut wouldn't be a bad thing!


Did you like Deadpool 2's Juggernaut better than the X-Men: The Last Stand version? Let us know in the comments!

Deadpool 2 is now in theaters. The X-Men movie universe will continue when X-Men: Dark Phoenix opens February 14, 2019, followed by The New Mutants on August 2, 2019.