When Will Marvel Studios Release Deadpool 3?

It seems like Ryan Reynolds is making every movie but a third Deadpool film, so why isn’t the mercenary making his MCU crossover yet? After the first movement on the film took place last week, Deadpool 3 is finally showing signs of life but it does not have a release date. As a result, I’m asking the same questions you are when it comes to Deadpool -- which is really one question right now -- why is there no Deadpool 3 on the Marvel Studios release schedule? Like, really, we’re getting a Hawkeye show and probably a third Ant-Man before Deadpool 3? Not that I don’t want those things but ask yourselves… are they Deadpool?

As far as I know, Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige are very interested in making a Deadpool movie and have actually come close to announcing one in the past. If you ask Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld though, Disney seemingly had no interest in one of the most valuable characters they bought in their acquisition of Fox, which is weird, because Disney loves money and Deadpool 1 and 2 basically printed it at the box office.

Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds has been pretty busy since Deadpool 1 & 2, though. His next project is Free Guy which would’ve released in July but, you know, 2020... So, for now it’s looking for a new release date. He says that movie is his best movie ever, and he doubled down on that when it came out he’s re-teaming with its director Shawn Levy for another movie on Netflix involving time travel and also starring Jennifer Garner and Zoe Saldana, so, I mean, that sounds dope.

He just recently wrapped production on Red Notice with The Rock and Gal Gadot, a project which he probably came to be a part of after working with Dwayne Johnson for a quick role in Hobbs & Shaw, and a sequel to Hobbs & Shaw feels inevitable, too.

There are a couple of rom-coms on Reynolds’ plate too, and, admit it… you might be a Deadpool fan, but you loved him in Just Friends, didn’t you? Yeah. Well, he’s got Shotgun Wedding on the way with Armie Hammer and Jennifer Lopez, plus he’s re-teaming with Sandra Bullock for a new rom-com which unfortunately is not a sequel to The Proposal, a tremendously underrated classic, but if it’s nearly as good we should all be excited.

So, really, it just doesn’t look like Deadpool 3 is on the horizon for the next few years. A movie like that takes half a year or more to film from start to finish. It could maybe squeak into Ryan’s schedule because the beauty of it is if schedule conflicts arise, they could shoot some of the sequences where he’s got the mask on and wait for the unmasked parts until her returns, if they really needed to hurry it up.

But, the X-Men are probably going to come to the MCU sooner than later, the multiverse is about to get blown wide up with WandaVision, Spider-Man 3, and Doctor Strange 2, and Deadpool remains completely silent. It’s going to be 2023 at the earliest that we get a third installment but, who knows, maybe Ryan suits up and jumps into a Marvel Studios flick and we finally get some of that sweet sweet Deadpool and Spider-Man dialogue gold in live-action.


If Deadpool is going to be R-rated as has been promised, it’s hard to imagine the character straight up joining the Avengers on the big screen because you just know it’s going to be tough for Disney to let Captain Marvel or Thor or Ant-Man be a part of R-rated nonsense, even though I know you’ll hate to hear this, Deadpool has worked in PG-13 in comics and joking about being unable to curse or be violent -- if it’s a short supporting role with PG-13 characters -- could be pretty funny and work -- but I don’t want that forever. I’d actually rather see an R-rated Thor. Imagine if he dropped the hammer on a dude, that would be… messy.

Are you ready for Deadpool 3? What characters do you want to see show up in it? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram!