Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds Says These Two Things Can Ruin a Blockbuster Movie

Ryan Reynolds has officially begun sizing up production on the third Deadpool film. Marvel studios and the actor have finally found the perfect person to helm the threequel in Shawn Levy, leading fans to believe that things can only go up from here. Deadpool 3 is also set to bring back Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who wrote the first two films, to pen the script.

Deadpool 3 will likely be the first Marvel Studios project with a mutant character headlining after Fox/Disney merger finalized, but that won't be the only thing that's a first for the studio. Reynold's Maximum Effort production company will team with Marvel Studios on Deadpool 3, making the film the first Disney-owned Marvel Cinematic Universe film to partner with an outside production company. Reynolds revealed this and the two things he thinks can ruin a blockbuster in a new interview with Forbes.

"I really had a crash course in the value of marketing and storytelling in this context through Deadpool," Reynolds said while speaking to Forbes. "Deadpool taught me that necessity is the mother of invention. Deadpool, the franchise, never had the kind of budgets and finances to work with that some of the larger comic book properties did. Two of the greatest adversaries to creativity is too much time and too much money. I learned the value of character over spectacle through Deadpool."

Deadpool 3 looks like it's definitely headed for an interesting turn in the MCU and Reynolds is probably itching to return in the role. During a recent interview with, the actor revealed to us, that he wants to defy all expectations with his next go at the character.

"Deadpool, for me, is kind of like an anxiety inducing tightrope walk," Reynolds said. "I always think when I've got Deadpool just right, I'm speaking from experience from Deadpool 1 & 2, that I need to make it 30 to 40% percent better than it already it is. Even if I'm at the moment where I'm like, 'This is perfect, this moment!' Then, I stop and I go, 'Okay, this has to be 30% better than it already is.' It's a stressful thing to get right, or at least right as far as I'm concerned. So, no, I never really thought about it but I did love the idea of playing with Deadpool and Korg in some of the marketing materials given the fact that Taika [Waititi] and I are in the movie. So, I kinda got to scratch the itch, inevitably anyway."

As it stands Deadpool 3 doesn't currently have a release date, but things seem to be moving pretty quickly behind the scenes. The film will likely maintain is R rating despite the characters rights moving from Fox to Disney.

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