Deadpool Makes Fun Of Failed Marvel's Inhumans TV Series

The genre-savvy, wisecracking Deadpool holds almost no target off-limits -- not even the company [...]

The genre-savvy, wisecracking Deadpool holds almost no target off-limits -- not even the company who publishes his comic.

In the just-released Despicable Deadpool #298, the antihero took a shot at Marvel's short-lived TV series based on The Inhumans -- which, when you consider production timetables, likely means Marvel knew the show wasn't coming back several months ago, when this script was approved.

The gag? Speaking to Taskmaster (one of a number of villains who tried to kill Wade in this issue after he took a $20 million hit out on himself) and a passerby, he told them that they make a great duo, and should try out for TV. He suggests...

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

That's right: even Deadpool knows that show has been cancelled.

The Inhumans began its existence as one of Marvel's mega-budget blockbusters, with rumors that Vin Diesel might step in to play Black Bolt (rumors, it should be noted, that Diesel himself fed into before being cast as the voice of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy). Eventually it was announced as a TV project, with the compromise being that the first two episodes would be cut together to make a "movie," filmed in IMAX and released theatrically.

Excitement and expectations were high, but shortly after the series began filming, the buzz soured. Fans were unimpressed by what they saw leaking out of the set, and official photos proved only marginally better. Its theatrical run disappointed as detractors reveled in Marvel's first real critical and commercial failure, and members of the cast lashed out at the press and fans on social media.

The series had respectable but unspectacular premiere numbers and continued to sink, with the conventional wisdom being that it was cancelled before the second episode even saw TV screens.

Marvel and ABC denied as much, and aired the remainder of the season, but the absence of an official announcement has not stopped the internet from assuming that the show is gone; it has been removed from the official ABC website, for starters. Episodes of the show on streaming services were reclassified as an event series

ABC's upfront presentations next month should be where the schedule for next fall is finalized. Depicable Deadpool #298 is on sale now.