Marvel Announces New Deadpool Series

The Merc with the Mouth is getting a brand new series as part of Marvel Comics' Fresh Start, bringing the hilarious Skottie Young on board to write alongside artist Nic Klein.

A brand new Deadpool #1 will be available in June, riding the wave of the movie sequel set to hit theaters just weeks before. The series promises to be a back-to-basics approach, taking the character back to his roots.

Young and Klein will succeed writer Gerry Duggan's epic run on the title, during which Deadpool became Captain America's buddy and a member of the Avengers. But now, it's back to killing for money.

"Deadpool’s gone through A LOT these past few years, and while he’s accomplished a lot, the merc with the mouth may have taken his eye off his mercenary business for a bit too long," said series editor Jake Thomas in the press release. "So how does a soldier for hire get business back up and running? The only way Deadpool knows how: Maximum effort, reasonable rates."

Young told Polygon that he has wanted to write this title for five years, and now he's getting his chance to shine.

"Before I pitched Rocket Raccoon back in 2013, I tried to get Deadpool. haha," Young wrote, "But he was spoken for so I said 'well, I can kind of have a similar vibe for Rocket, just cleaned up a bit.' So my head was already in that place."

(Photo: Nic Klein)

Check out the solicitation for the new series below:

Skottie Young and Nic Klein bring you the craziest tales of the regeneratin’ degenerate yet! It’s been a while since Deadpool’s had to merc to make ends meet, but things are tough all over. WhileDeadpool tries to get his humble mercenary-for-hire business back off the ground, a catastrophic threat so unfathomably huge, so mind-breakingly cataclysmic it defies description, is heading towards Earth, and there’s only ONE PERSON WHO CAN STOP IT!!!

Oh no, wait, it’s…it’s not Wade, is it?

Oh, * * * *. It’s Wade.

Read on for more of editor Jake Thomas' comments on the new series:


"Skottie Young has one of the wildest, most unhinged creative minds I’ve ever worked with, and I mean that as the sincerest compliment I can muster," Thomas said. "His ideas for Wade are flying fast and furious, this book is going to be a non-stop chaos party as Wade battles his way back on top of the mercenary game using every dirty trick, cheap sales tactic, crass promotional ploy, and underhanded advantage he can…and he’ll be bringing along some old friends for help. As for Nic Klein, he’s one of my favorite artists working, and the work he’s doing on this book is INCREDIBLE. I’ve seen Nic bring humor to a story, but I haven’t seen him go this wild…as a fan of his, an utter joy. You can see the fun he’s having right there in every panel. He’s completely owning every inch of this story. The character work, the world design, the action beats…honestly? It might be TOO good. [Editor] Mark Basso has had to hold me back multiple times from telling Nic to just stop because I can’t take the strange, beautiful glory of those pages anymore. That’s the pain I endure to bring you these amazing Deadpool stories. My blessing and my burden. You’re welcome."

Deadpool #1 goes on sale June 6th.