Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Producer Hints At Incursion Effects

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' producer helped shed some light on the risks and dangers of dream walking. With the MCU film on Disney+ for people to stream at home, Marvel Studios is opening up on how Benedict Cumberbatch's actions could end up affecting the universe. Richie Palmer helped produce the blockbuster and talked to about the implications of his fight with the 838 universe and Scarlet Witch. Writer Michael Waldron also had some thoughts about how Dreamwalking would affect the universe. "The way the Darkhold corrupts you manifests in different ways,"  Waldron said of the end of the movie. "For Strange, it's that third eye. For Wanda, it's the burnt fingers. It's just different things." Check out what the producer said down below.

"If you're going to possess your own body in another universe, if you were to go there and observe and just watch for a second, maybe it wouldn't do anything," Palmer said. "But if you're going to go and start messing with natural events of that universe, the natural timeline and flow of another universe, it could really set off a chain of events in motion that could destroy the entire universe."

"Strange went to the Multiverse and tampered with it as much as you probably possibly could. I don't think it's any surprise per the rules that Reed [Richards] laid out that he caused an Incursion," writer Michael Waldron previously explained. "So now there's an oncoming collision of universes. But what does that mean for the MCU? We'll find out. But we've got a semi-corrupted Doctor Strange and Clea on the case! So it's going to be a lot of fun."

Here's how Marvel is describing their tumble into the Multiverse: "Now that Iron Man and Captain America have left after a fierce battle in Avengers: Endgame, former genius surgeon and the strongest magician of them all, Doctor Strange, is expected to play an active role as a central figure in the Avengers. However, using his magic to manipulate time and space at will with a forbidden spell that is considered the most dangerous has opened the door to a mysterious madness called 'the Multiverse.'" 

"To restore a world where everything is changing, Strange seeks help from his ally Wong, the Sorcerer Supreme, and the Avengers' most powerful Scarlet Witch, Wanda. But a terrible threat looms over humanity and the entire universe that no longer can be done by their power alone. Even more surprising, the greatest threat in the universe looks exactly like Doctor Strange."


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