Eddie Murphy Is Black Panther In Funny Or Die Spoof

Chadwick Boseman brings Black Panther to life in the MCU, but what if he was replaced with Eddie Murphy?

That's the premise of Funny or Die's new trailer for Black Panther. The footage of the upcoming Marvel Studios film is spliced with Murphy's comedic classic Coming To America, and it actually meshes better than you'd think. After all, Prince Akeem is royalty, and he takes to T'Challa's duties of leading Wakanda rather easily.

Some of the best moments are when the trailer splices together action scenes. Coming To America isn't an action fest by any means, but there is one sequence that makes it all work. Akeem's duel with Semmi (Arsenio Hall) works perfectly to mesh the bigger sequences from Black Panther together, and Akeem's knack for backflips didn't hurt either.

Wakandan royalty also seems to encounter the same issues as royalty in Zamunda. They can't go to the bathroom by themselves and they face a constant threat from usurpers. All in all, it's quite a pairing, and you can view the whole video in the clip above.

Coming To America hit theaters in June of 1988, and went on to critical and commercial success. It's considered one of Murphy's classic films and earned two Oscar nominations.

As for Black Panther, the first trailers have been immensely well received, and the film represents a new completely new space for the Marvel Cinematic Universe according to director Ryan Coogler.

"Obviously, T'Challa is an African king and there hasn't been many movies made about that in any genre," Coogler told ComicBook.com. "So when you look at the movies of the Marvel movies… off the bat, that's going to make that very different,". "This movie has a lot of different combinations. You're dealing with a guy who's real like Thor, but he's from Earth which changes things. It gives it context and it grounds it in a way. Even though we're dealing with a lot of fantastical elements, fantastical technology, it still kind of grounds it in a way that's very unique."


Fans can judge for themselves when Black Panther hits theaters on February 16, 2018.