Eternals Director Says Post-Credit Scene With Kit Harington "Sets up so Much"

Eternals still remains Marvel Studios' worst-reviewed movie, despite catching a second wind after releasing on Disney+ earlier this month. Still, the movie might be one of the most integral pieces of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the franchise moves forward into Phase Four and beyond. During the audio commentary for the film on Disney+, Eternals helmer Chloe Zhao said one of the film's post-credits scenes "sets up so much."

While the post-credit scene with Starfox (Harry Styles) and Pip the Troll (Patton Oswalt) sets up enough in its own right, Zhao was referring to the second scene, one with Kit Harington's Dane Whitman as he discovered his family's Ebony Blade.

"The Ebony Blade, who would have thought. I definitely geek out quite a bit, especially when the voice that comes in the end," the director says on the track while talking to Eternals VFX supervisors Stephane Ceretti and Marten Larsson. "Sets up so much... And, I love this effect they use on the sword so much."

One thing Eternals directly sets up is Mahershala Ali's Blade, considering Ali's voice found its way into that same post-credits scene.

"[Blade] was [part of the scene] for reasons hopefully that would become apparent as you see more things, but [Mahershal Ali] wasn't there on the day," Eternals producer Nate Moore previously told's Phase Zero podcast. "And we talked about two versions of that, one where we would cut to him and one where we wouldn't. 'How textual do you want it to be?' And again, it was more just for the fun of it, to tease it a little bit, to hear the voice and not see the man. He was game to do it. Because the Ebony Blade, the characteristics of the Ebony Blade are not dissimilar to some degree to vampirism and we think that's an interesting kind of thing to play with. So, we kind of knew that was on the table."

Eternals is now both streaming on Disney+.

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