Marvel's Eternals Trailer Includes Subtle Reference to Captain America's Shield

The first Eternals teaser has arrived, and fans have already noticed a reference or two to some of [...]

The first Eternals teaser has arrived, and fans have already noticed a reference or two to some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's biggest characters. Sure, there were the obvious Captain Rogers and Iron Man mentions at the end, but eagle-eyed fans of the upcoming Marvel movie have now noticed an apparent Easter egg to Captain America's iconic shield.

Prominently featured throughout the teaser is Angelina Jolie's Thena, and it's a shot involving her the apparent "Cap" shield appears. During the sequence with the jade-filled setpiece, Thena — a nod to the Greek goddess of war, Athena — is fighting someone with the shield. On it, you can clearly see stars and stripes, as if Thena is preparing herself to fight the Avengers or a similar concept.

We know the movie takes place over thousands of years, and at least part of it will be set in a post-Endgame world because of the references to Iron Man and Captain America. Outside of that, exact plot demains are scarce, even though we know both Deviants and Celestials are involved.

"Just like sculpturing, you never want it to end. You just want to keep going until they tell you you can't keep going anymore....I think everyone in my life close to me knows that I'm maybe working a little too much," Eternals filmmaker Chloé Zhao previously told Variety. "Yes! This afternoon I'm going back to Disney to work on Eternals. Right after this interview. I'm probably late."

"Jack Kirby and his imagination, his incredible work, is really the foundation of it. On top of that, there is what Marvel Studios has built, this incredible journey they have going on. And then on top of that is me as a fan of the MCU," she added. "And then, me as a fan of the genre, but also growing up with sci-fi and manga and fantasy films. And how can we have this big melting pot and cook up something that may just taste a little bit different? It was just an exciting thing; all of us went in wanting to do that. We'll see."

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