Funny Spider-Man: Far From Home Meme Imagines Mysterio as Thanos

Spider-Man is back in the MCU, and the memes just keep on coming in celebration of his return. One very strange Spider-centric meme from Reddit revisits the idea of all those timelines that Doctor Strange saw in his 14,000,605 possibilities. This specific genre of jokes stems from the Sorcerer Supreme's plan in Avengers: Infinity War when he was looking for a way the heroes could defeat Thanos.

Well, in this strange vision of the future, Mysterio becomes the Mad Titan. He decides to use the Infinity Stones in his tirade midway through the film to fix the problem that Thanos was trying to address but in a completely different way. Instead of cutting the population in half, he decides to double the resources. Which, if we're being honest, sounds like a way better plan on its face.

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Unfortunately, that's not the timeline that occurred so Spider-Man had to be resurrected by the Hulk's snap and then battle the two-timing power of Quentin Beck. Jon Watts made the audience root for Mysterio in the first half of Spider-Man: Far From Home before pulling the rug out from under everybody. Jake Gyllenhaal was having the time of his life, and now we may even get to see him again in another Spider-Man movie. Watts sat down with to talk about that deceptive performance.

"Jake is amazing," Watts explained. "And once we knew what we wanted this Mysterio character to be, it was pretty clearly going to be Jake's role. Not very many actors can pull off those different shades of a character and do it in such an incredibly compelling way. Yeah. And as soon as it all made sense to Jake, he just knew exactly what to do and it was just like an absolute joy to watch him do that."

"So many crazy things happen Endgame, like half of the population disappears and Thanos invades Earth and time travel is possible," Watts continued. "So like the fact that people would just believe what his view is, like, lies about it multi-verse makes sense to me. It's like the world is so crazy that like why wouldn't you believe it?"


The book is open to just about anything in the MCU these days. Now, that includes Spider-Man again, and fans should hope he gets another chance to get at Mysterio in the conclusion to this trilogy.

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