Hawkeye: Jeremy Renner Had Some Harsh Truth for Co-star Hailee Steinfeld When Filming Started

Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner had some harsh truths for his co-star Hailee Steinfeld when they both arrived for filming. A lot of people are excited about the Disney+ series and none more than Steinfeld. She told EW that she was practicing archery so that she could deliver the best performance possible. However, when a coach got a hold of her, they made it clear that she had some ground to cover to get ready. Then the conversation with Renner happened, and he delivered some encouragement. The Hawkeye actor helped emphasize that everything didn't have to be perfect, and that really helped the younger actress. Marvel movies have a lot of VFX work, so a lot of the actual arrows would be delivered via CGI. But, it would take some time to get used to that fact. Luckily for the Dickinson star, everything came together quickly during their time on set. See what she had to say about the filming process down below:

"I wanted [the archery] to be second nature by the time I got out to Atlanta to shoot, but the first time we met, Jeremy was like, 'Listen, you're going to get there and you're not even shooting a real arrow, it's all CGI,'" Steinfeld remembered. "But I was still grateful to have the mechanics down."

The prep work didn't stop with the bow and arrow. She talked to SFX Magazine about brushing up on comics history recently. David Aja and Matt Fraction's run with Hawkeye has had a massive effect on the Disney+ series. Steinfeld felt like it was important for her to have read those stories and be familiar with all of them.

"As far as the comics go, yes," Seinfeld explained about her research process. "Again, it's kind of like Emily and her poetry: having this world of endless information. I've always loved comics. I've always been a very visual person, and a large book with anything over 200-250 pages has always intimidated me, so comics have always been something I've been drawn to because of the visual aspect of it. So I've had so much fun reading these comics, and going through them and discovering these elements of Kate Bishop that are in there that we're bringing to life in the show, and other elements of the comics."

Hawkeye debuts on Disney+ on November 24th.


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