Hailee Steinfeld Casts Doubt on Hawkeye Role: "That's Not Something That's Necessarily Happening"

Hawkeye went from being a cult favorite to one of Marvel's biggest heroes all thanks some recent [...]

Hawkeye went from being a cult favorite to one of Marvel's biggest heroes all thanks some recent films. It goes without saying that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a box-office beast, and its use of Clint Barton made Hawkeye famous the world over. Of course, fans were excited when they learned Hawkeye was going to get his own Disney+ series where he trained up successor Kate Bishop, but a new report has fans eyeing the series a bit nervously.

After all, headlines broke earlier this year which connected Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld to the coveted Hawkeye series. The star was said to be eyed for Kate Bishop, but a recent interview just saw Steinfeld walk back those so-called confirmed reports.

During a press tour for her Apple+ series Dickinson, Steinfeld let RadioTimes know her role with Hawkeye isn't quiet on target.

"That's not something that's necessarily happening," the actress revealed. "We're gong to wait and find out, I guess."

Of course, fans are a bit surprised to hear the news about Steinfeld's role. Fans were excited to learn the actress was being eyed for Kate given the character's growing fanbase. As one of the key Young Avengers, many comic book readers have fallen for Kate, and her role in Matt Fraction's Hawkeye run was met with universal praise. To hear Steinfeld may not take part in the Disney+ series is disheartening, but the actress says she feels prepared to work in television after doing Dickinson.

"I think generally speaking, this sort of experience has prepared me for working in this sort of space," the star said. "So whatever opportunity might present itself in this space, I do think I will be able to tackle it, now that I've had some experience under my belt."

Of course, if new reports are correct, then Dickinson may be the reason Steinfeld cannot accept the offer made by Disney+. According to a piece by Variety, a rumored non-compete clause may be giving the actress pause on tackling Hawkeye. The trade says Steinfeld's representatives got an offer for the actress to play Kate with no other actresses being approached. But if Apple has an iron-clad clause extension, then Dickinson may go head to head over Steinfeld's schedule and win.

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