Hawkeye: Marvel Shares Sweet Holiday Card Featuring Clint Barton and Kate Bishop

Happy Holidays, Marvel fans! The MCU's latest Disney+ series, Hawkeye, is currently in full swing and it marks the franchise's second holiday-based project since Iron Man 3 was released back in 2013. The show sees the debut of Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop who accidentally gets mixed up in some bad business when she finds herself putting on the Ronin costume that was worn by Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton in Avengers: Endgame. The two must team up and stop some mobsters in time for Clint to make it home for Christmas. In honor of the show's holiday theme, Marvel took to Instagram this week to share a sweet Christmas card featuring Clint and Kate.

"Seasons Greetings, Clint and Kate. Episode three of Marvel Studios' #Hawkeye is now streaming on @DisneyPlus. Art by @MikeMahleArt," Marvel wrote. You can check it out below:

Recently, Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige, spoke about Hawkeye and revealed he hopes it will become a Christmas classic.

"I hope [Hawkeye is necessary viewing for the holidays]," Feige told Entertainment Tonight. "It's fun, we've always wanted to do a story [at Christmas]. We had a little bit in Iron Man 3 that was our Christmas story — nobody really looks at it as a [Christmas story], we sort of consider that a Christmas movie. But this, unabashedly, is a holiday story."

"I love the idea of it being a perennial that people can check out every holiday season," Feige added. "I love that it's debuting just before Thanksgiving, it concludes just before Christmas. For the first time, you get a title Avenger on Disney+, which is great. Jeremy Renner, of course, is the best, and he's the reason to do it. Thankfully, Hailee wanted to work with him, so we got her to play Kate Bishop, and it's that pairing that I think is gonna make for very happy holidays." 

Hawkeye director, Rhys Thomas, also spoke about the show's Christmas connections and revealed Die Hard wasn't the show's only inspiration

"People mentioned Die Hard being one side of things, but yeah. I mean Home Alone is definitely a big atmospheric Christmas touchstone... both the original and Lost In New York," Thomas told ComicBook.com. "Yeah, I don't know. Like I, kinda, again, I would just do, I mean, Gremlins as well. It's like... I'm the type of person that sort of whether a direct reference makes it into a show or a movie or not, I will take any excuse to sort of keep plumbing my memory, my cultural memory."

The fourth episode of Hawkeye drops on Disney+ on December 8th.