Hawkeye: Painfully Adorable Photo Features Lucky the Pizza Dog Watching Themself

Hawkeye is officially four episodes deep, and one of the Internet's favorite characters is Lucky the Pizza Dog, who is played by a very good golden retriever named Jolt. If you're not following Jolt on social media, you're missing out. The four-year-old star shares lots of fun content, including a hilarious video that proves they were meant for this role. Jolt's latest Instagram post is the best one yet! The canine is clearly excited about the new episode of Hawkeye, "Partners, Am I Right?" because the photo shows them watching themself on the TV.

"Hey, that's ME 🍕," Jolt wrote on Instagram. You can check out the image below, but warning... it WILL melt your heart.

Lucky the Pizza Dog is a supporting character in the comics who made his debut in 2012. His first appearance came when Clint saved him. The dog's tags identify him as Arrow, but Clint renamed his Lucky. However, in an issue devoted to Lucky's POV, we learn that the dog calls himself Pizza Dog, because, like any smart pup, he loves pizza.

As you can see from Jolt's photo, the new episode of Hawkeye features a lot of holiday cheer. Recently, Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige, spoke about Hawkeye and revealed he hopes it will become a Christmas classic.

"I hope [Hawkeye is necessary viewing for the holidays]," Feige told Entertainment Tonight. "It's fun, we've always wanted to do a story [at Christmas]. We had a little bit in Iron Man 3 that was our Christmas story — nobody really looks at it as a [Christmas story], we sort of consider that a Christmas movie. But this, unabashedly, is a holiday story."

"I love the idea of it being a perennial that people can check out every holiday season," Feige added. "I love that it's debuting just before Thanksgiving, it concludes just before Christmas. For the first time, you get a title Avenger on Disney+, which is great. Jeremy Renner, of course, is the best, and he's the reason to do it. Thankfully, Hailee wanted to work with him, so we got her to play Kate Bishop, and it's that pairing that I think is gonna make for very happy holidays." 

Hawkeye's first four episodes are now streaming on Disney+.