Rogers The Musical In Hawkeye May Create Avengers: Endgame Plothole

Some viewers noticed a seeming plot hole in Hawkeye's Rogers The Musical. A lot of fans are loving the Broadway version of The Battle of New York, but questions persist. Clint Barton takes his family to see the show, and even lampshades the inconsistency for the audience. Ant-Man is in the musical number, but he wasn't even around in the 2012 film. (A dynamite job by Nico DeJesus as the graceful version of Scott Lang!) There are some other weird parts as well with the public knowing some details about the final battle with Thanos despite there not being any news cameras around or anything. (However, it would be easy to shrug that off with all the other information floating around about that confrontation. Rogers The Musical isn't even the first piece of media surrounding the Avengers we've seen in this universe.) But, surprisingly, there is a way that Ant-Man's inclusion makes all the sense in the world.

So, The Avengers' big finale battle didn't include Ant-Man. But, Avengers: Endgame actually sends Scott Lang back to NYC with Captain America, Iron Man, and Hulk to get the stones present then. We all saw the shrinking Avenger on the street discussing how to get the Tesseract after their first plan went sideways. All it would take is one cell phone video and word of mouth for people to believe he was there the entire time. It's not hard to visualize at all in an era where games of "telephone" reign supreme on social media and other mediums. You wouldn't need to do much reaching to argue it was an intended wink at the slippery nature of time travel. 

An even easier way to explain all of this would be the way in which historical musicals are formed. Hamilton actually served as an inspiration for Rogers the Musical. Anyone who has seen the dynamite show on Disney+ will attest that the narrative plucked some elements to include and some to discard in making a pleasing show. The same could be happening here. Want to make sure Ant-Man is in the show from the early going? Well, just have him be at the New York showdown instead of premiering in the Civil War portion. (There is another delightful element in which pop culture starts writing reality as well. It wouldn't be many years before the story starts getting told with Scott Lang there to fight the Chitauri.) 

At any rate, the writers and composers clearly achieved what they were trying to do with that scene. Social media has not stopped vibrating for days now with talk of the entire musical being produced. It has to have reached Kevin Feige's ears by now. It will be interesting to see what other pop culture nods to the Avengers make their way into the MCU.

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