'Luke Cage' Star and Showrunner Tease Heroes For Hire Series

The new wave of Marvel Television series began on Netflix last month with the second season of [...]

The new wave of Marvel Television series began on Netflix last month with the second season of Jessica Jones, and her fellow Defender will be joining the spotlight in June.

But with Luke Cage welcoming the Immortal Iron Fist for a few episodes of Season 2, there's a question on every fan's mind: Are we getting a Heroes for Hire TV series? Series star Mike Colter and showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker addressed that very question.

"It's something that's in the air," Coker admitted to Empire's Pilot TV. "Internally at Marvel Television, everybody knows there's a part of that combination that is inevitable, particularly when you watch them together in the way that we did it. If feels right. It feels good. It feels like, 'I want to see more of this combination. Heroes for Hire is really not off the table.'"

Fans got their first taste of the classic Marvel Comics team in The Defenders, though Luke and Danny Rand were more reluctant allies than friends. After confirmation that Iron Fist actor Finn Jones would be appearing in the second season of Luke Cage, fans started getting excited for an official take on the Heroes for Hire.

Colter spoke fondly of his relationship with Jones behind the scenes.

"Me and Finn get along rather well, we're pretty cool," Colter said. "I think our characters play well off each other."

When asked if he's heard discussions of a Heroes for Hire Netflix spinoff, the actor stated that was "a question above my pay grade."

Fans got to see a brand new photo of the two together from Luke Cage Season 2, showing that a part of The Defenders will continue on in some fashion. And while some might be clamoring for another round of Netflix and Marvel's superteam, Colter seems to prefer focusing on the solo series.

"It's always nice to see your favourites play together but the stakes to the game are not as high as when they play for their own individual teams," Colter said.

It doesn't sound like a Defenders series is in the works, but there's no reason that Marvel Television and Netflix could tackle a different angle of the classic crossover. A Heroes for Hire series might be the right flavor after this current round of superhero shows.

Luke Cage will debut on Netflix on June 22nd.

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(h/t Pilot TV via CBM)