Hugh Jackman Reached For A Fork And Came Out With Wolverine Claws

Hugh Jackman can't seem to escape the legacy of Wolverine, no matter how hard he tries. Case in point (pun): Jackman was just trying to have a nice breakfast today, and of course he needed a fork to eat it (as one does). However, when the actor reached into the silverware drawer, what he came up with was a cosmic message that while he may be done with Wolverine, Wolverine is not done with him! We're not saying that Hugh Jackman is destined to make a return as Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - we're just saying that the universe may want it as bad as a lot of Marvel fans do!

"Picture this ... you're having a conversation over breakfast. You reach in the kitchen drawer. You're looking for a fork. #logan #wolverine" --Hugh Jackman

Marvel fans are feeling pretty anxious to know who the new Wolverine will be in the MCU. The X-Men franchise reboot at Marvel Studios is slowly coming down the pike - and fans have recently been hyped to see more X-Men references and Easter eggs showing up in the MCU. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier introduced the pirate bay city of Madripoor - including the Princess Bar, which is co-owned by Wolverine (in his "Patch" persona) in the comics. With that kind of groundwork being laid, it seems that the X-Men characters will have a full world established for them, before we actually see them show up onscreen.

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Claws Fork Eating Breakfast

But who will we see show up onscreen? Right now, Fox's X-Men movie franchise has managed to import at least one character to the MCU: Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool. Deadpool 3 will be set in the MCU in its full R-rated glory, which suggests that not everything from the Fox universe will be lost. WandaVision teased Marvel fans with the idea that the multiverse was about to break wide open (via Evan Peters' appearance as "Quicksilver), but that was just a (cruel) red herring. Still, the fact that Reynolds' Deadpool made it to the MCU has kept fans' hopes alive that his best bud Hugh Jackman could also make a return as some version of MCU Wolverine (like "Old Man Logan").


So far, there's no indication at all that Hugh Jackman will ever again put on the claws - but just maybe, if the universe keeps on dropping these kinds of signs, a miracle will happen.