Marvel's Infinity Warps Characters Now Permanent Members of Continuity

When Marvel began promoting their Infinity Wars event, one of the most intriguing parts of the [...]

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

When Marvel began promoting their Infinity Wars event, one of the most intriguing parts of the marketing was the inclusion of "warped" characters created by mashing two already established Marvel heroes — or villains — together.

While the characters initially felt like they were to be short-lived during this event, the House of Ideas surprised fans this week when they managed to make the mash-ups a permanent part of the Marvel mythos.

WARNING: Spoilers for Gerry Duggan and Mike Deodato Jr.'s Infinity Wars #6 up ahead. If you have yet to read the finale to the cosmic event, proceed with caution.

Initially formed when Gamora — now going by Requiem — folded the universe in on itself, characters like the Soldier Supreme, Iron Hammer, and Weapon Hex were formed when Earth-616's characters were forced to merge with one-another.

Once the heroes, led by Emma Frost and Adam Warlock, were able to able to get the Infinity Stones back from the death-hungry Gamora — they were forced to make a decision. Should they revert things to how they were before, ripping the warped characters apart in the process or should they risk it all by using their powers to try resetting two universes at once?

Fortunately enough for the Infinity Warps, Warlock chose to go with to latter and believe it or not, it worked. Adam Warlock was able to cleanse Soul World, wiping the space demon Devondra from existence. Without Devondra, Warlock was then able to create a clean new Soul World where the Infinity Warps could continue to living.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Since the Warps were mashed-up versions of existing characters, Warlock then had to make duplications of the characters to separate. This ensured the separated characters could return to the primary continuity to continue living their lives as they were doing before Gamora folded the universe in on itself.

Within Soul World, a newspaper reads "World Defenders Formed" as Soldier Supreme, Weapon Hex, and Iron Hammer can be seen giving a press conference at the Citadel of the Defenders. Though those three characters are the only ones to be a part of these "New Defenders," the Spider-Man/Moon Knight hybrid Arachknight can be seen in a previous panel, hinting that Warlock was able to save the other remaining warped characters such as Ghost Panther, the Punisher Pack, and any other character introduced in the Infinity Warps tie-in comics.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Infinity Wars #6 and Infinty Wars: Fallen Guardian #1 are both out this week. The event officially wraps up next month as Infinity Wars: Infinity — from Duggan and Mark Bagley — hits shelves on January 2nd.