Is Daredevil in the MCU's Midnight Suns?

Between Moon Knight and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are set to see a shift in the storytelling of the franchise as it produces darker content it previously skirted around. The earliest reactions from Moon Knight suggest its Marvel Studios' darkest project yet, and even Marvel boss Kevin Feige says fans of at least one iconic horror franchise will be bigtime fans of the Doctor Strange sequel.

With that tonal shift, plus news of impending Werewolf By Night special on the way, it's clear Marvel Studios is slipping ever-so-closer to introducing a full-blown horror slate in its own right. Could it possibly even include one of Marvel's most popular live-action characters?

Oscar Isaac is as busy as ever when it comes to doing press, and in one recent interview, the actor gave his ideal setup for a Midnight Suns team-up.  In it, he included Ghost Rider and The Punisher, both of who have either been in the group or pitched as part of the group in viral artwork. The third name Isaac specifically namedropped, was that of Daredevil.

While Daredevil found himself as part of Marvel's Marvel Knights lineup in the late-90s, that brand largely focused on street-level characters and not those that dealth with the supernatural. On top of that, the MCU already has a Daredevil in place thanks to the return of Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Whether Isaac's comments happened to be a Freudian slip have yet to be seen, Moon Knight showrunner Jeremy Slater says it should be a goal to make the character an Avenger.

"The honest answer is I don't know," Slater tells the magazine. "Because [Marvel boss] Kevin [Feige] is the guy who decides all that stuff. Look, if it was up to me, he would be part of the Avengers. It's absolutely not up to me, but I think that is the goal!"

The DefendersVerse is now streaming in its entirety on Disney+.

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