Could JK Simmons' J. Jonah Jameson Be in Morbius?

With the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the past decade, it seems if every studio is trying to get its own interconnected universe. That includes Sony, the Culver City-based studio trying to get its Universe of Marvel Characters off the ground. Leading the way in the SUMC is Venom, the Tom Hardy-starring film that was critically panned, despite making a killing at the box office. So far, there's been nothing to establish the world as one interconnected between movies, though that could change when Morbius hits theaters.

According to one particular rumor gaining steam amongst scooper circles online suggest JK Simmons has a cameo role in the Jared Leto-starring project, reprising his role as the fear-mongering J. Jonah Jameson. After appearing as the character in Sam Raim's fan-favorite Spider-Man trilogy, Marvel Studios brought Simmons back to play the role once again, showing up in the mid-credits scene for Spider-Man: Far From Home, much to the surprise of Spidey fans everywhere.

Should Simmons reprise his role as Jameson in Morbius, it'd really be surprising on multiple fronts. At face value, it'd show the actor has a long-term plan in place with the character with a multi-picture contract under his belt. Then, on top of that, it'd raise questions as the character's last appearance came in Far From Home, a movie most certainly set in Marvel Studios' MCU. Because of that, it's expected Sony would have to get approval to use Jameson in Morbius, since it's technically not part of the MCU — at least as of yet.

At the very least, it would appear MCU head honcho Kevin Feige is much more inclined to work on the live-action rights of characters with Sony now that he was able to broker a new deal to keep Tom Holland's Spider-Man in the MCU, at least for two more appearances. In a statement announcing the new deal, Feige seemed to allude at some sort of multiverse existing between the MCU and Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters.

“I am thrilled that Spidey’s journey in the MCU will continue, and I and all of us at Marvel Studios are very excited that we get to keep working on it,” Feige said. “Spider-Man is a powerful icon and hero whose story crosses all ages and audiences around the globe. He also happens to be the only hero with the superpower to cross cinematic universes, so as Sony continues to develop their own Spidey-verse you never know what surprises the future might hold.”


All that said, now the new Sony and Disney deal is in effect, it'd appear final say would rest with Feige, the one with creative control over the characters.

Morbius opens July 31, 2020 while Venom 2 is expected to hit theaters October 2, 2020. Other movies set in Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters currently in development include Nightwatch, Kraven the Hunter, Black at, Silver Sable, The Sinister Six, and Madame Web.

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