'Guardians of the Galaxy': Glenn Close Comments on James Gunn Firing

Social media has been in a frenzy for the past week, following Disney's dismissal of Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, due to the surfacing of decade-old tweets in which the filmmaker joked about several unsavory topics, including pedophilia. In the days since, numerous celebrities, particularly those who worked with Gunn on the Guardians movies, have spoken out in their support of the director, saying that he has spent more than eight years growing and changing.

Legendary actress Glenn Close appeared as Nova Prime in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie back in 2014, and she also had some thoughts on the Gunn controversy.

Close was approached by TMZ this week, and she was asked about her reaction to Disney's firing of Gunn. Rather than give a statement one way or the other, Close took this opportunity to share a message with everyone using social media, including her former director.

"I think it would help if people on social media could envision themselves actually standing across, or sitting across from the people they're talking about," the actress said. "They might change what they put on social media."

After receiving a vague, but insightful answer, the reporter asked Close if she supported Gunn, as many of the other Guardians of the Galaxy actors had done. While the actress didn't exactly give a straight answer, she made sure everyone knew how much she enjoyed her time on the set of Gunn's Marvel blockbuster.

"All I can say is that I had a wonderful time working with him," she said of the director.


Being a veteran of the industry, Close has clearly learned how to handle the media, giving answers without saying anything that could come become any kind of issue later.

What do you think of Glenn Close's statement on James Gunn? Was Disney right to fire the director after the old tweets surfaced? Let us know your opinion on the matter in the comments below!