Jeffrey Huet, Marvel and DC Inker Who Worked on Planet Hulk, Has Died

Filipino comic book inker Jeffrey Huet has died after contracting COVID-19. Marvel Comics confirmed the new on Monday morning while sharing some of Huet's artwork. "The Marvel family is saddened to learn of the passing of Jeffrey Huet," the official Marvel Twitter account tweeted. "Jeff was a talented inker, bringing some of the most iconic Marvel characters to life in stories including Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, and beyond. Our hearts go out to his family and loved ones." Huet inked issues of DC Comics Animal Man and worked on The Kingstone Bible. His most recognizable work was at Marvel Comics, where his work included the fan-favorite Hulk space epic "Planet Hulk."

Huet's "Planet Hulk" and Fantastic Four collaborator, artist Carlo Pagulayan, first broke the news of Huet's death to the wider comics community via Facebook last week. 'Today we lost an artist and a friend, Jeffrey Huet . 😔," Pagulayan wrote. "Jeff was my partner in Fantastic Four and Planet Hulk, and a few other books, but before that we went to the same school and had the same dream; to work in comics.  And that we did.  Rest in peace Jeff.  I wish I could've been more help.

"P.S. for those who were planning to send help when he was being treated, please still do so.  The cost of Covid treatment here is staggeringly high, so the family will still need all the help they can get." 

Pagulayan later posted again, with more information about donations: "Hello Everyone, for those making donations to help out Jeffrey Huet's family, for a while can we ask not to send any funds to his Paypal and USD account until the family has sorted out the details. And at this moment, his wife and daughters still need to get their thoughts together and get through this. For those outside the Philippines if you wish to send a donation to the family immediately-- temporarily, you can send it to my Paypal account: .  

*UPDATED 9-24 11:36 pm* Hello Everyone, for those making donations to help out Jeffrey Huet's family, for a while can we...

Posted by Carlo Pagulayan on Thursday, September 23, 2021

For Bank transfers (USD) Jeff's ACCOUNT NUMBER:  5210 6904 7686 0898(Kabayan Savings Acct) For Philippine residents please send assistance to JEFFREY HUET UNIONBANK EON CARD ACCT # 109451484680 Bing Gattoc Huet 's Gcash  is currently at it's transaction limit this month (thank you to those who sent in)


The cost of treatment for Covid 19 here in the Philippines is unfortunately too high, and burdens the family even after hospitalization, and that situation is inconsiderate even if you already suffered the loss of a loved one.  So in behalf of the family, any help you can provide will be most appreciated Thank you again."