X-Men's Jubilee Undergoes Major Power Change

Jubilee experiences a return to form in today's issue of Generation X.SPOILERS for Generation X [...]

Jubilee experiences a return to form in today's issue of Generation X.

SPOILERS for Generation X #86 follow.

Jubilee has been a fan favorite ever since she appeared in X-Men: The Animated Series. She was a fun, sarcastic mall rat with fireworks powers.

Things have been different for her in the comics over the last few years. She lost her mutant powers on M-Day. She got some tech and joined the New Warriors under the name Wondra for a little while. Most recently she became a vampire during the "Curse of the Mutants" storyline.

Jubilee has remained a vampire for several years now. That hasn't stopped her from adopting a child, Shogo. In Generation X, some of the complications of being a vampire mother to a human child have come up. Shogo will eventually out-age Jubilee. On top of that, the child is now scared of Jubilee after seeing her feed.

Jubilee has been teaching a class of outcasts at the Xavier School. In Generation X #86, she goes to bring back Quentin Quire, who quit the school. Quire has been hanging out on a Krakoa island in the Atlantic. He also went on an adventure to Shi'ar Space and gained a fragment of the Phoenix Force's power in "The Agard/Shi'ar War" arc of The Mighty Thor.

Quentin agrees to return to the school with Jubilee when they learn the school is under attack by M and Emplate. Jubilee fights M, but M steals the amulet that keeps Jubilee safe from the sun. She then tosses Jubilee outside.

Jubilee ignites into flames in the sunlight. That's when Quire does something uncharacteristic: makes a selfless sacrifice. He uses up the Phoenix Force within himself to restore Jubilee to life:

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

That means Jubilee is alive once again and no longer a vampire. On top of that, the Phoenix seems to have restored her mutant powers.

The issue ends there with the conflict with M and Emplate still needing resolution. Assuming Jubilee survives, this means she can bond much further with Shogo. It also means, even though the X-Men have always welcomed her, she'll be a part of the mutant community again.

Generation X #86 is on sale now.