'Doctor Strange' Co-Writer Debunks DC and Marvel Rivalry

For fans, there has always been a rivalry between DC Comics and Marvel Comics. You're either a DC [...]

For fans, there has always been a rivalry between DC Comics and Marvel Comics. You're either a DC or a Marvel and this is especially true when it comes to reactions to comic book movies, but while fans may think that this rivalry holds true for those making movies, there is at least one person who says that is absolutely not the case.

Screenwriter C. Robert Cargill, who co-wrote Marvel's 2016 film Doctor Strange, recently wrote about the importance of Rotten Tomatoes, the importance of impartiality, and movie reviews for Indiewire, revealed that when it comes to the DC/Marvel movie rivalry, the fan war does not carry over to the making of movies.

"Important sidebar, because I feel this needs to be mentioned: I co-wrote the Marvel movie Doctor Strange," Cargill wrote. "And there persists this idea out there, bouncing around social media, that the longtime war between fans of DC and Marvel comics somehow carries over to those who make and distribute them. It doesn't. When it comes to comic book movies, a rising tide lifts all boats."

Cargill went on to explain that he actually roots for DC movies -- and that those on the DC side of things root for Marvel films -- because a success for any comic book movie lets creators make more of them.

"When something like Deadpool catches everyone off guard and makes a dump truck of money, the industry doesn't shutter and spit bile with jealousy," he explained. "It does backflips. Great comic book movies make people hungry for more comic book movies. Bad comic book movies make people talk about getting burnt out on them. So, do I want Justice League to be good and succeed? No, I want it to rock my face off and make several dump trucks of money. Just like Wonder Woman did. Because I want to see (and maybe even make) a hell of a lot more great comic book movies."

This isn't the first time that someone on the inside of the Marvel and DC cinematic world has opened about how the rivalry doesn't really exist and that everyone just wants successful films, period. Justice League's Superman, Henry Cavill, recently told Channel News Asia any rivalries that may have existed are now in the past and now, people just want to celebrate the characters because the two sides are so entwined.

"I think the rivalry lives in the fans more so than it does in us," Cavill explained. "For all of us who are making these movies or I'm sure for the comic book artists and writers, there have been rivalries in the past, but now it's just about celebrating these characters, certainly for us. I mean, I'm sure when it comes to deep finances, when it comes to DC and Marvel there's always going to be competition, yeah, but they need each other to survive as well. If one goes down that means superheroes aren't popular and you don't want that because if one goes down the other goes down."

With Justice League in theaters and now projected to have the lowest DC Extended Universe opening weekend ever, as well as mixed reviews from critics and fans alike, no doubt the fan rivalry between the comic book powerhouses will continue, but now we know that both sides of the industry simply rooting for everyone's success.

Justice League is in theaters now.