Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Had to Warn Sony About Spider-Man Spinoff Movies

While Marvel Studios is hard at work continuing to build out the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony's actively trying to replicate the success with its own Universe of Spider-Man Characters. Though the franchises are developed and produced by competing studios, they work together regarding the rights to Spider-Man, allowing the character to swing between the worlds as they see fit.

That means that despite overseeing Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige still has his hand in helping guiding the vision of Sony. In a new report, one insider says that the mega-producer offers notes on all of Sony's Marvel-related properties. Not only that, but he's warned Sony decision-makers to not get ahead of themselves with the Sony Universe of Spider-Man Characters.

"And yes, Marvel's Kevin Feige does weigh in and offer notes on Sony's Marvel movies that don't feature Spider-Man," The Ankler recently reported. "One insider credits Feige for guiding Sony's approach and warning the studio not to get too ahead of itself in terms of building some larger universe in the vein of the Avengers movies."

That same report, from Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider, also claims Tom Holland has yet to close a deal to return as the web-slinger, though its assumed Sony wants the actor back for a second trilogy.

"Okay, so Sony may not have the biggest bench in terms of franchises, but it wisely made a deal with Marvel Studios to get its marquee character Spider-Man into the MCU, which helped make the studio's solo Spidey movies must-sees, even more so," the report continued. "And while plans are in motion for another Spidey trilogy starring Tom Holland, I don't believe he has actually signed a deal yet, so those plans remain unofficial for now. That said, I'm sure that more Spidey adventures with Holland are a top priority for Rothman & Co., which is also counting on him as the anchor of its budding Uncharted franchise as well."

Stay tuned for details on the Spider-Man spinoff Madame Web before it lands in theaters on July 7, 2023. Another Spider-Man spinoff, Kraven the Hunter, is set to hit theaters on January 13, 2023.

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(H/T The Direct)