Luke Cage Contains A Back To The Future Easter Egg

Say what you will, but Marvel knows how to plant easter eggs like none other. The company's television and film projects are full of geeky references to pop culture and comic books, leaving fans to sleuth through series like Luke Cage. A few easter eggs have already been spotted in the new Netflix series, but those all pale in comparison to a recently discovered nod to one of Hollywood's best time traveling flicks. Great Scott!

Reddit user Leahcimwerf noticed what may be one of the best hid easter eggs in any Marvel production. During an episode of Luke Cage, fans are shown a series of newspaper articles. However, if you slow down the scene and take time to read one of the side stories on the newspaper, you will discover a hilarious Back to the Future easter egg.

The article, which rests on the right-hand side of the paper, is titled "Martin Brown Commended - Local Inventor Receives Civil Award" and appears in episode 10. The story talks about a scientist named Martin Brown who recently created the 'Thrust Capacitor,' an item that desalinizes salt water for repurposing. However, the article notes it could also make time travel possible one day when plutonium is more readily available.

(Photo: Netflix / Marvel Television)

Martin Brown, who is described as impulsive and bombastic, is also said to have gone "under fire in 1985 for including a teenaged boy in his experiments." The kid's name was Mac Fly, a high school student in Mill Valley who refers to Martin Brown as 'The Doc.'

For legal reasons, Marvel and Netflix were likely unable to use terms like Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly outright - but they came very close. The connections between the Luke Cage teaser and Back to the Future are impossible to ignore: the timeline, the plutonium, and even the setting of Hill (or Mill) Valley are impressively clever.

Of course, fans are now wondering whether Back to the Future will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe for real one day. Seriously, how cool would it be to see Tony Stark tinker around in his labs with Doc Brown? However, it doesn't seem likely that the iconic franchise will roll into Marvel's hands any time soon, so maybe we're looking at a alternate universe here?

This Back to the Future reference isn't the only easter egg embedded within Luke Cage. The series also included a healthy reference to Iron Fist through a seemingly random flyer. During the series' finale, Claire Temple is seen reading an advert promoting local martial arts and self-defense classes by Colleen Wing. Of course, fans will recognize that name as Wing stands as one of Iron Fist's closest allies. The martial arts vigilante will be getting his own Netflix series next year, so fans can expect to see a follow-up with this reference.


And, as always, Stan Lee continued his cameo streak in Luke Cage. The legendary writer was spotted in a PSA poster printed and hung by the Harlem police department. Dressed as a cop, the comic creator is seen telling citizens to report a crime if they see one.

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