'Luke Cage's Mike Colter Remembers Reg E. Cathey

Actor Reg E. Cathey died earlier this year with his final role being that of Luke Cage's (Mike Colter) father James Lucas in the second season of Luke Cage. Now, Colter is remembering the actor and his time on the series.

Speaking at Baltimore Comic Con, Colter said that he wished he had been able to spend more time with the man he said was a friend he didn't get to hang out with enough.

"Reg was great," Colter said. "I wish we got a chance to spend more time together it was like discovering a friend you didn't' get a chance to really hang out with because a lot of time in our business you know I think, I talk to my wife and family a lot about this sometimes, you spend more time with someone on set than you do with your own family if you were shooting a series. I'm away, I'm in New York, they're in LA sometimes, even if I was home, you're on a set 8-12 hour a day sometimes maybe longer and you get a lot of time to get to know each other. It's not like we're in an office or a cubicle and our doors are closed. We're sitting in a chair like this, sometimes we're waiting for them to set up and we may have throughout the day a few hours collectively to talk about things between going to our dressing rooms and going through material, we just have time to communicate, maybe eat lunch together, who knows. So, I got to know Reg a little bit, there's a lot of things a lot of people he knew that I knew. I was a big fan of his before and him coming in it was great."

Colter went on to explain that Cathey got his initial cancer diagnosis while working on Luke Cage, but that the actor never gave into his illness.

"He got diagnosed while we were filming but I watched him go from being completely healthy to being very sick and he was such a positive force," Colter said. "He never really gave into it he never mentally said that he was, it never seemed like he had come to terms with this thing in the sense that he had given over and said 'hey, I'm probably going to not make it'. That never dawned on him. I don't know how he did it, coming on set physically being completely worn out but at the same time giving 100-percent."

When Cathey died back in February, Colter took to twitter to remember Cathey, writing that it was "an honor" spending time with him. Even months later, Colter continued to have praise for him, even noting that had he not passed Cathey would have likely appeared in future seasons of Luke Cage.

"He was a great guy," Colter said. "He's going to be missed because we definitely would have had him back for the next season."


Season two of Luke Cage is now streaming on Netflix.