Marvel's 'Luke Cage' Season 2 Release Date Revealed

Sweet Christmas, a new season of Luke Cage is almost here!With the second installment of Jessica [...]

Sweet Christmas, a new season of Luke Cage is almost here!

With the second installment of Jessica Jones dropping on Netflix this week, fans have started to look ahead, wondering when new seasons of Luke Cage and Iron Fist would be arriving. Thanks to a teaser trailer, that's apparently been pulled down already, we now have an answer.

According to Variety, Luke Cage Season 2 will be released on Netflix on June 22.

The initial report wrote about a teaser trailer that announced the release date. However, in the short time since the article was written, the video was removed from YouTube. Fortunately, Variety was able to take not of the release date, confirming suspicions that Netflix would be returning to Harlem this summer.

Update: The teaser has now been officially released online. You can check it out in the video above, or by clicking here.

The upcoming release date is certainly good news for fans of the series, seeing as how Luke Cage hasn't flown solo since in a year and a half. The first season of Luke Cage was the third of the Defenders lead-in shows to debut on Netflix, and it was released back in September of 2016. Luke was then featured in The Defenders when it went live this past fall.

Luke Cage stars Mike Colter, Simone Missick, Alfre Woodard, Theo Rossi, Mustafa Shakir, Gabrielle Dennis, and Rosario Dawson. The new season will consist of 13 episodes, all of which will be available on June 22.

The second season of Jessica Jones, starring Krysten Ritter, will be released on Netflix on March 8.

Are you excited for a new season of Luke Cage? What are you hoping to see from the upcoming episodes? Let us know in the comments below!