Spider-Man Spinoff Movie Madame Web Reportedly Begins Filming Soon

Development on Sony's Madame Web may be further along than anyone expected. So much so, the studio could be hoping to begin rolling cameras yet this year. The latest report comes from superhero cinema insider Charles Murphy, who suggests Sony has already narrowed down a location to shoot the film, though a production schedule is still in flux.

In a tweet this week, Murphy wrote that it "sounds like Sony is planning to get Madame Web going this year," before adding "Have a location but no dates yet."

The film has been in development at Sony for a couple of years now, with rumors suggesting Sandra Bullock was being eyed for the role. She addressed those rumors head-on in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last year saying she'd become a hit with her family if she happened to land a Marvel role.

"You know what, if that were a rumor that my son had heard, do you know how much I would get him to do in the house," she joked. "I would be so successful in my requests. Who did they say I would be? His grandmother or something?" Kimmel explained the concept of Madamme Web and then Bullock asked, "Why was I not hired for this? What happened to the talks? I need to know. Because I think I would be amazing with the psychic-ness of this."

While Sony hasn't officially confirmed the movie, Sony executive Sanford Panitch has said there are plans for Tom Holland's Spider-Man to appear in franchises outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as seen during the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

"There actually is a plan," he explained last year. "I think now maybe it's getting a little more clear for people where we're headed and I think when No Way Home comes out, even more will be revealed… The great thing is we have this very excellent relationship with Kevin. There's an incredible sandbox there to play with. We want those MCU movies to be absolutely huge, because that's great for us and our Marvel characters, and I think that's the same thing on their side. But we have a great relationship. There's lots of opportunities, I think, that are going to happen."

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now in theaters while Venom: Let There Be Carnage is available wherever movies are sold.

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