Marvel's Absolute Carnage Reveals Venom's Son's Powerful Ability

Things are getting even more extreme than previously thought possible in Absolute Carnage. Last [...]

Things are getting even more extreme than previously thought possible in Absolute Carnage. Last issue left off with Venom flying after Carnage in hot pursuit, but there was one detail left on the back burner during that moment. Little Dylan seems to have some sort of weird bonds with symbioses himself and nobody knew about it. One of the creatures formed into a cat-like creature and helped the boys fend off an attack. Now, in Absolute Carnage #5, readers get to see a small glimpse of the boy's true powers. Dylan has been through the wringer over the course of this event. He's been near Eddie Brock for most of it, but that hasn't saved him from seeing some things no boy his age should ever have to see. All this death and destruction would be hard to deal with, but, as the last issue demonstrated, the kid isn't just anybody when it comes to this giant struggle among symbioses. *Spoilers for Absolute Carnage #5 below*

So, after Brock decided to chase Carnage into the sky, the two forces battled tooth and nail. Carnage is basically close to a god-like being at this point and wants to summon the symbiote deity Knull to wreak havoc on the people of this world. Venom really just wants to be done with all of this mess and get back to the way things were. As the two struggle, it becomes clear that Eddie has the upper hand. Carnage is nothing if not on-brand, so he decides to cheat by bringing Dylan into the mix and play on his adversary's love of his son.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

On the ground, Spider-Man continues to fight the symbiotic force in front of him. He falls from exhaustion and the boys are left unprotected in the face of yet another symbiote. Danny activates some powers that make his eyes glow black and vaporizes the monster in front of him quickly. This, of course, leaves the other boy with him in shock at what just happened. Now, the kid definitely has some sort of Symbiote canceling powers along with Sleeper's cat form as a friend. Things are shaping up to be absolutely riveting for Venom and his family down the road.

Also, Venom ends up thwarting Carnage's plan. But, there is no real victory as whoever won their eternal struggle would have ended up fulfilling the plan to bring forth Knull anyway. So, now the fearsome presence is bringing his collected might straight toward Earth and that will prove to be even more challenging than this invasion of Carnage symbiotes was for the Marvel Universe. At least, for now, Eddie Brock and his allies can rest. There is a huge battle on the way whether most of the characters know it or not.