Marvel Releases Trailer For New Captain Carter Series

Captain Carter is getting a new Marvel Comics miniseries from Jamie McKelvie and fans are excited about it. Marika Cresta is aboard for art as well. Over the course of five issues, fans will be reintroduced to the star of Marvel's What If…? She's a woman out of time, but that doesn't mean there aren't bad guys to stop in this new book. Instead of getting frozen in ice, Captain Carter has portals to thank for her current predicament. The modern world is pretty weird, but she'll get used to it. A lot of people have speculated about what this title could mean. But, for right now, fans of the character have to be thrilled to get a miniseries featuring a character that a lot of people enjoyed from the DIsney+ series. McKelvie actually spoke to SYFY Wire about the book and what they have in store for Captain Carter.

"There's a whole load of story meat in the premise that interests me," McKelvie explained. "It's almost 80 years since the end of World War II. That's a big difference to the 20 years Steve Rogers was in the ice in the original comics timeline. It's a huge gap, and so much has changed since then. Even the decade since MCU Cap woke up has seen a lot of big shifts in the world. So that's immediately exciting to me –– how do you deal with waking up in such a radically different world, with every anchor in your life long gone?"

"I'm as big a fan of the Captain Carter we've seen onscreen as anybody, so I jumped at the chance to create our own version," McKelvie previously told "I'm having a great time exploring what it would be like for Peggy to wake up nearly 80 years after the end of the war. The world remembers the myth of Captain Carter, but to Peggy the reality was just yesterday. Now she finds herself in a nearly unrecognizable new world, how does she fit in? Can she be the super hero people want her to be? Exploring these questions has been really exciting, and I love the world Marika and I have come up with. I can't wait for people to see Marika's pages – there's so much life and energy to Peggy and the rest of the cast, and the action scenes are stunning."

Here's a description of the issue: "A reality where Agent Peggy Carter took the Super-Soldier Serum instead of Steve Rogers is turned upside down when the World War II hero is pulled from the ice where she was lost in action decades before. Peggy struggles to find her footing in a modern world that's gotten a lot more complicated – cities are louder, technology is smarter and enemies wear friendly faces. Everyone with an agenda wants Captain Carter on their side, but what does Peggy want? And will she have time to figure it out when mysterious forces are already gunning for her?"

CAPTAIN CARTER #1 (OF 5) – 75960620331400111




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