Marvel Announces Captain Marvel Spinoff

Fans who have been reading Kelly Thompson and Carmen Carnero's Captain Marvel run were previously introduced to a new hero calling the city home in Star, though as we've learned in subsequent issues there was much more to her origins and connections to Carol. Thanks to Minerva's meddling and the aftermath of the Nuclear Man's attack Star became a powerful force to be reckoned with, and now the character will be getting her own limited series for fans to enjoy.

"The excitement surrounding Star has been really fun to watch," says Kelly Thompson. "And there's still a big surprise coming in CAPTAIN MARVEL #11 later this month...and it's the kind of surprise that sort of DEMANDS a mini-series like this to explore the mysteries surrounding her and her importance and potential in the larger Marvel Universe."

The character became popular rather quickly, and that was before we knew who she really was. Now Marvel is excited to explore the character more in her own series, and while Carnero won't be doing the interiors, she will be crafting the series' covers.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

"The whole CAPTAIN MARVEL team loved the character from the beginning, but the fan and retailer response to her has been overwhelming. We're very grateful and excited to push her even higher in the spotlight," says Editor Sarah Brunstad. "We had such a great time developing her and waiting for her big moment, and I'm ecstatic that Carmen is staying with the character to do the covers for this miniseries."

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

You can check out the covers to STAR #1 above and below, and the official description can be found below as well.

STAR #1 (OF 5)


Artist: To be announced


Ambitious reporter Ripley Ryan was one of the victims caught up in Nuclear Man's apocalyptic schemes and later became the hero STAR, adored by everyone. But in truth she was Dr. Minerva's attempt at a Kree-human Super-Soldier. Desperate for the power and strength to control her own destiny, she tried to kill Captain Marvel — and failed. Ripley was left, defeated and powerless, in the Raft. But something strange has happened, and Star now finds herself more powerful than ever before. And no one in the Marvel Universe is prepared for what it means."


STAR #1 hits comic stores in January of 2020.

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