A Look Back at the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Wow, where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday AC/DC's "Back in Black" was pounding through the humvee speakers while we watched Tony Stark ride through the desert, unknowingly on his way to changing cinematic history. But alas, that was over 11 years ago, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has come a long way since then.

In celebration of Avengers: Endgame, the end of Phase 3, and more importantly, the finale to a decade-long journey dubbed the Infinity Saga, the staff here at ComicBook.com have sat down and filmed a retrospective look back at the MCU. It's been quite the journey. We're talking about the ups and downs of each and every movie released between Iron Man through Captain Marvel, from the highs of Captain America: Civil War to the lows of Thor: The Dark World. We're even discussing the oft-ignored gem that's The Incredible Hulk.

Ultimately, we're reminiscing about why we all love the MCU.

So sit back and check out the video above in order to join us on this trip down memory lane as we prepare for what might be the biggest comic book movie of our time.

Are you excited we're in the Endgame? Share your thoughts with us in the comments and remember -- #DontSpoilTheEndgame.


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