Batman Has a Cameo in Marvel Comics #1000

Marvel Comics celebrates its 80th anniversary today with the release of Marvel Comics #1000. The issue features a surprising cameo by one of the most popular characters from the “Distinguished Competition,” Batman.

Marvel Comics #1000 is formatted so that each page tells a single-page story inspired by a major event from Marvel’s history. There’s one story for each year of Marvel’s history. For 1997, the issue celebrates Deadpool getting his first ongoing series. The page is written by former Deadpool writer Gail Simone and drawn by David Baldeón.

The story, titled “Turkey Soup for the Deadpool Soul,” sees Deadpool created uplifting, “cheer-up” stories. His ideas include “going to a dank buffet and pretending to be Galactus,” a “totally consensual luau with good friends,” and “a peaceful boat ride.”

The panel showing the boat ride is the interesting one. It has Deadpool making off with what looks like the Batboat from Batman Forever while Batman calls out after him in the foreground. You can’t see Batman’s face, but that glove and that cowl are distinctive. Take can take a look below.

Batman Marvel Comics 1000
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

This kind of unofficial cross-company crossover is something fans of Deadpool’s meta-humor won’t be surprised by. Then again, who expected Batman to show up in Marvel Comics #1000?

DC Comics celebrated Batman’s own 80th anniversary earlier this year with Detective Comics #1000. You can read our review of that issue here, and our review ofMarvel Comics #1000 here.

What do you think of Batman showing up in Marvel Comics #1000? Let us know in the comments. Marvel Comics #1000 is on sale now.

Marvel Comics #1000
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