Marvel's Newest Superteam Is Powered by AXE Body Spray for Some Reason

The latest team to join the Marvel Comic mythos is powered by...AXE Body Spray? That's right — AXE has teamed up with Marvel Entertainment to roll out a new comic series featuring all-new characters. In a mysterious teaser trailer uploaded to YouTube this week, a new comic series was announced featuring five superheroes that happen to be freshmen in high school. The characters are Damien Garcia (Burner), Lyssa Jordan (Windchill), Danny Li (Kid Vanish), Emily Everheart (Override), and Tarell Taylor (Double Time).

As the trailer mentions, the team was hooked up with some Wakandan technology and T'Challa can be seen on a monitor at one point in the clip. Interestingly enough, the team-up appears to be battling legendary Black Panther archnemesis Ulysses Klaw. Towards the end, the Avengers end up making an appearance and it's revealed they'll appear alongside the new team in some capacity.

More details about the series itself weren't available as of press time, so it's unclear how many issues this series will run or who the creators are behind the project bringing it life. It's also unclear if The Fresh-Men is a series in-continuity with the rest of the Marvel mythos or if it's just a one-off licensed comic as a part of a larger advertising deal.

The trailer points interested fans to the AXE website where people can register on a distribution list in exchange for getting a 30-day free trial to Marvel Unlimited, the House of Idea's digital comics platform with 20-some thousand issues available at any given time.

Elsewhere, it was revealed the series will be accompanied by its owned soundtrack from a slew of hip hop artists include Dave East, Kodie Shane, 070Phi, D Savage, Louis IV, and Akilz. It will be available to stream starting July 12th.


The Fresh-Man does not yet have a release date.