'Marvel Contest of Champions' Celebrates Four Years With New Trailer

Marvel Contest of Champions is today celebrating its fourth anniversary with a brand new [...]

Marvel Contest of Champions is today celebrating its fourth anniversary with a brand new trailer.

The trailer features the Silver Surfer, the eternal cosmic wanderer traveling the cosmic highways, as he explores the four corners of Battleworld. His narration recounts the story of Marvel Contest of Champions so far.

You can watch the trailer below.

ComicBook.com can also exclusively reveal a new video revealing some of the impressive statistics that Marvel Contest of Champions and put up over the past four years. Seen at the top of this page, the video reveals the number of characters available in the game, the most played characters by tier, the numbers of players who have participated in the game, the number of alliances they have formed, and the total number of battles that have been fought.

Marvel Contest of Champions debuted in 2014. The mobile fighting game is developed and published by Kabam and inspired by the Marvel Comics limited series Contest of Champions. The game, in turn, inspired a new take on the Contest of Champions comic book series in 2015.

Marvel Contest of Champions players become Summoners and partake in a game organized by The Collector that pits heroes from across the Marvel multiverse against each other in combat. The game features Marvel heroes and villains from the Avengers, Thunderbolts, X-Men, Inhumans, Guardians of the Galaxy and more, including some Marvel Cinematic Universe versions of the characters.

Marvel Contest of Champions has also introduced a number of original characters in the Marvel fold. The latest is AEgon, a member of a race of pacifists who were enslaved by the Master of the first Contest of Champions. AEgon is a rebel and secretly defied his people's nonviolent code to train as a gladiator in the hopes that he could win The Contest and free his people. AEgon won The Contest, but the death of The Master caused an explosion that destroyed his arm and killed his beloved. He was ultimately exiled by his people for his use of violence.

Other Marvel Contest of Champions original characters include Guillotine, a French hero who is the latest in a long line to inherit dark, mystical powers, and Morningstar, a former conqueror empowered by demonic forces who was given a new existence by the nefarious Mephisto.

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Marvel Contest of Champions is available now in the App Store and Google Play.