Charlie Cox Still Wants a Daredevil and Spider-Man Team Up

Despite the cancellation of Netflix’s Daredevil after three seasons, Matt Murdock star Charlie [...]

Despite the cancellation of Netflix's Daredevil after three seasons, Matt Murdock star Charlie Cox would still "love" to team with Tom Holland's "amazing" Spider-Man.

"I mean, this is so crazy, it would never, it would never happen, probably, it's almost impossible to imagine... and I always feel like I have to say that, because sometimes I say things, I answer these kind of questions and then the Internet takes it as the word of God that this is happening [laughs]. 'Charlie confirms,'" Cox said at ACE Comic Con Arizona Saturday.

"But I really like the Daredevil Spider-Man stuff in the comics, really fun. There's one issue in particular where Matt Murdock proves that he's not Daredevil because Daredevil shows up in the court room, and of course it's Peter Parker wearing the Daredevil suit, which is such a lame alibi [laughs]."

"But it would be so cool to do, you know, something like that," Cox added. "And I think Tom Holland is an amazing Spider-Man."

Cox cites 2001's Daredevil (Vol. 2) #25, which saw "Daredevil" brought to court and sued by a plaintiff claiming property damage. While the costumed Daredevil took the stand, Matt Murdock — Daredevil's lawyer alter-ego — presented a tape depicting the superhero's signature acrobatics captured in Times Square, making the case the real Daredevil would be capable of such feats.

After a second Daredevil showed up in court, it was revealed the accused Daredevil impostor was a man named Terrence Hillman. A mistrial allowed the "real" Daredevil to walk free, making a superhuman leap across rooftops to unmask in private — revealing the face of Spider-Man's Peter Parker, one of Murdock's most trusted allies.

Cox has long hoped for a crossover with Holland's web-slinger, a wish backed by co-star Vincent D'Onofrio, whose Kingpin of Crime acts as a shared enemy for both Daredevil and Spider-Man.

In July, months before Netflix abruptly pulled the plug on Daredevil just weeks after its acclaimed third season debuted in October, Cox admitted he's kept in the dark over the franchise's future.

"I hate to kind of shut down so many of these, I'm really asked to not speculate on this stuff, so I really have no idea if they're thinking about it," Cox said when asked about future seasons of Marvel-Netflix crossover series The Defenders.

"Honestly, I don't. When it comes to information about the show and characters and future seasons and, the question that everyone loves to ask is, 'Am I ever gonna be in one of the movies?' In general, most of the time, I know nothing, and very wisely, they tell me nothing. Even if I do, it's kind of difficult, because just to even speculate about it in a public forum, then it becomes something that people talk about, and, very quickly, that becomes the word of God."

Cox's co-star Deborah Ann Woll, who next reprises her Daredevil role of Karen Page in The Punisher Season Two, expects the sophomore season of that series to be her final outing as the character when it releases this month.

Previous reports indicated Netflix's Defenders, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil cancellations prevents those characters from being used for at least two years post-cancellation — if true, Cox's horned superhero would be contractually prohibited from appearing elsewhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe until sometime after late 2020.

A series resurrection under Marvel owner Disney's own streaming service Disney+ is "a possibility," according to Disney+ Chairman Kevin Mayer.

Holland next returns in Avengers: Endgame, out April 26, before headlining Spider-Man: Far From Home, out July 5.