Marvel Kills a Major Villain

Marvel Comics has some of the deadliest, most well-known villains in the world. But one of them now seems to have fallen. The moment came by surprise and without warning. But this villain is no stranger to the realms beyond the physical plane. Thus, even in death, this villain is powerful enough that their story will continue into the great beyond. But what comes next? Can they return to the realm of the living? Or will one of the lords of the dead stand in their way. SPOILERS for Marvel's Doctor Doom #2 by Christopher Cantwell, Salvador Larroca, and Guru-eFX follow.

Marvel's new Doctor Doom series revealed that Victor Von Doom is opposed to the Antlion Project. The minds behind the project hope to solve climate change by creating a black hole on the moon. Doom insisted the plan was flawed and that opening the black hole would have disastrous effects, publicly condemning the process. Then Latverian missiles blew up the Antlion base, killing thousands of people. Doom knew nothing of the attack but was condemned in the public eye after his previous comments about the project.

Doom is taken into custody but escapes with the aid of Kang the Conqueror. Doom receives further aid from the sorceress Morgan Le Fey. Together, they seek out a being called the Witness. The Witness can see into Doom's future and, like Kang, he sees a future where Doom rules a peaceful, united planet Earth.

But Doom's path towards that future is cut short. Taskmaster takes a sniper shot from atop a nearby rooftop, killing Doom.

Doctor Doom Death
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

At two issues into the Doctor Doom series, Doom's story isn't done. The cover for the next issue of the series shows Doom going up against Mephisto, Lord of Hell. It won't be the first time Doom has faced Mephisto. It will be a rematch from the classic Doom story Triumph and Torment.

What do you think of Doom's death? Let us know in the comments. Doctor Doom #2 is on sale now.

Doctor Doom #2
(W) Christopher Cantwell (A) Salvador Larroca (CA) Aco


DOCTOR DOOM has been taken prisoner by the world itself... but he may find unexpected aid in his escape. Now vulnerable and without his usual strength, he must keep a low profile on the streets of New York, or else risk being captured again. He'll seek out an old 'frenemy' for help and battle lethal opportunists, all while wrestling these visions he continues to have of a better, happier life.

Rated T+
In Shops: Nov 06, 2019
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