Marvel Teases Return of Joe Fixit Gray Hulk

The Hulk has shown many different personalities over the years. In the current Immortal Hulk series, he's become the "Devil Hulk," a version of the Hulk influenced by the One Below All. This version of the Hulk is a violent and protective father figure to Bruce Banner. He can also only come out at night. In the past, the Hulk has manifested other sides of himself, some more or less intelligent and some sharing Bruce's personality. The most recent issue of Immortal Hulk teases the return of one of the Hulk's past personalities, the Gray Hulk know as Joe Fixit.

This article contains spoilers for Immortal Hulk #16. Al Ewing wrote the issue, with art by Joe Bennet, inks by Ruy José, and colors by Paul Mounts.

The Hulk in his current iteration only comes out at night. The Hulk's enemies pieced this together and laid a trap for Bruce Banner.

After finding out that Rick Jones' body has been taken from its grave, Bruce Banner and Doc Samson returned to the abandoned Shadow Base facility where the Hulk had been held captive. It isn't entirely abandoned. Bushwacker is lying in wait. He set up UV light lamps to force the Hulk to revert to his Bruce Banner form. Bushwacker shoots Samson in the head, leaving Banner alone.

Banner hides behind one of the devices. That when another personality emerges, one who doesn't go by the name Bruce.

Immortal Hulk Joe Fixit
(Photo: Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose, Paul Mounts, Al Ewing, Marvel Entertainment)

The gray in Bruce's eyes and the issue's title suggest this is the Joe Fixit persona reemerging, though there's no transformation into the gray Hulk to accompany it. Like the Devil Hulk, the Gray Hulk typically came out only at night. Gray Hulk's strength was also tied ot the phases of the moon. While smaller than the Hulk's other forms, the Gray Hulk was more cunning and often considered to be the temperamental teenager side of Bruce's personality. Mr. Fixit worked as a heavy in Las Vegas for months until his dealings with the Maggia went wrong.

If Bruce can't transform into the Hulk, he may need some of Fixit's ruthless cunning to escape Bushwacker. Future issues will reveal whether that's enough.

Another, more savage side of the Gray Hulk emerged in another comic. He appeared in Avengers: No Surrender, with Conan the Barbarian recognizing the Hulk's ferocity.

What do you think of the return of Joe Fixit? Let us know in the comments. Immortal Hulk #14 is on sale now.



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