Marvel Announces Infinity Stones' Return

The Infinity Stones return to the Marvel Universe in Infinite Destinies, a new storyline playing out through upcoming Marvel Comics annuals beginning in June. The annuals, each spotlighting different Marvel characters and leading into the "Infinity Score" story starring Black Cat. The tales will trace the whereabouts of the Infinity Stones, which were given sentience at the end of the Infinity Wars event, becoming able to choose their destinies. Now some have fallen into the hands of some of Marvel's newest characters. This event will see those newcomers tangling with some of Marvel's most iconic heroes, including Iron Man and Captain America.

The event begins in Iron Man Annual #1 by writer Jed MacKay and artist Ibraim Roberson. Here's the summary from a press release from Marvel: "When Iron Man learns about the strange people who kidnapped and tortured Miles Morales, he HAS to look into it. What he finds out about the Assessor and especially Quantum will shock you. Secrets are revealed in this in-depth look at some of the coolest new villains that will lay the groundwork for major future Marvel stories!"

Infinite Destinies_Connecting
(Photo: Ron Lim, Marvel Comics)

Chapter two is in Captain America Annual #1 by writer Gerry Duggan and artist Marco Castiello. Per Marvel, "The fugitive known as Overtime broke out of death row when the Time Stone chose to bond with his soul, giving him powers he barely understood. Now, thanks to Captain America... his time is up."

The story continues in Black Cat Annual #1 by Jed MacKay and artist Joey Vazquez: "Felicia Hardy's latest caper finds herself on a deadly journey across Seoul, where she comes face to face with White Fox, Tiger Division, and the new hero who recently made his startling debut in the sold-out Taskmaster #3: Taegukgi!"

Editor Nick Lowe says, "We've had a wave of incredible new characters over the last few years, and Infinite Destinies will shine a light on eight of them. We'll discover new aspects of these heroes and villains in adventures with our most archetypal Marvel heroes."

McKay adds, "It's been exciting to work on Infinite Destinies- it's a story that plumbs all areas of the Marvel Universe, offering something for pretty much everyone's taste. I've gotten to work with characters who I've wanted to write for ages and also keep on with some old favorites. We're plotting a course for some exciting stories in the future, so I hope that readers enjoy it as much as we did!"

Each issue in Infinite Destinies includes a chapter of "Infinite Fury," which sees the original Nick Fury on a quest to find the Infinity Stones' current owners. The story takes him across the Marvel Universe and puts him up against powerful foes.


Infinity Destinies kicks off in June. More chapters will release in July and August.

    • Written by JED MACKAY
    • Cover by NICK BRADSHAW
    • On Sale 6/2
    • Written by GERRY DUGGAN
    • Cover by ALEX GARNER
    • On Sale 6/9
    • Written by JED MACKAY
    • Art by JOEY VAZQUEZ
    • Cover by C.F. VILLA
    • On Sale 6/23