Marvel Announces 'Punisher Kill Krew'

The Punisher is taking his mission to the next level. Marvel Comics has announced Punisher Kill Krew, a five-issue miniseries by writer Gerry Duggan and artist Juan Ferreyra. The miniseries spins out of the events of War of the Realms, meaning the specifics of the story are being kept vague for now. The solicitation for Punisher Kill Krew suggests that, during War of the Realms, the Punisher will promise to seek vengeance for someone or something. That promise will pit him against gods and monsters from across the 10 realms of the World Tree, but having a van full of orphans may complicate the mission a bit.

Punisher Kill Krew #1 goes on sale in July. Here’s Tony Moore’s cover to the issue.

Punsiher Kill Krew #1
(Photo: Tony Moore, Marvel Entertainment)

Duggan is also writing War of the Realms: The Punisher, the miniseries chronicling the Punisher’s involvement in the epic Marvel events. Here’s the synopsis for that series:

"Frank Castle: Avenger of Midgard! The War of the Realms has brought monsters and mayhem to the streets of New York City, but New York has a homegrown nightmare all its own - the Punisher! And he'll be damned to Hel if he's going to let a bunch of Ten Realms tin-pot tyrants terrorize his town. But given that he's just one man against an army of elves, giants, creatures and more, Hel might soon have him despite his best efforts! The War of Realms is about to meet Marvel's one-man army. Swords and steel will meet bullets, bombs, grit and guts. Expect all-out war. Expect punishment!”

War of the Realms has been brewing for years through Aaron’s runs writing Marvel’s Thor titles. The event will star all of Marvel’s top heroes, including Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel. The event involves Malekith the Accursed who, after waging war on the other realms of the World Tree, makes Midgard his next target. To learn everything you need to know about the event, check out's guide to War of the Realms.

Are you excited for Punisher Kill Krew? Will you be reading War of the Realms and the War of the Realms: The Punisher miniseries? Let us know in the comments section. Punisher Kill Krew #1 goes on sale in July. War of the Realms: The Punisher #1 goes on sale April 17th.



• During the War of the Realms, Frank Castle made a promise of vengeance, and Frank Castle keeps his promises.

• A van full of orphans is about to make that promise a lot more complicated.

• How does a man kill gods and monsters?



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