'Marvel's Runaways' Star Reveals How the Hulu Series Differs From the Comics

Runaways, the first Marvel original series on Hulu, debuted on the streaming service last week to an overwhelmingly positive response from both TV critics and fans of the original Brian K. Vaughan comic run.

While the first three episodes have shown that the series is staying true to its comics roots, it's certainly not a shot-for-shot adaptation. The creative team, as well as the Runaways stars, are making sure to blaze their own path in order to reach a new audience.

How exactly will the show be different from the source material? We had the chance to catch up with star Virginia Gardner, who plays Karolina Dean, and asked her what comic fans should be ready for when tuning in to the new series.

"Fans should expect changes," Dean told us at New York Comic Con. "The comic books were written several years ago, so it's today's version of what was written then. There are some changes, and we want to keep comic book fans surprised, obviously. The spirit is very alive and well. One of the big changes that I think is really welcomed and such a good storyline is the parents. We really get to explore the parents' backstory and their motivations, their relationships. I think it adds a whole other storyline that's so deep and fantastic."

In the original comic series, the parents of the teenagers weren't much more than a group of incredibly evil people. The show manages to give them a little bit of humanity, and much more backstory, while still holding on to their villainous roots.


The first three episodes of Marvel's Runaways are currently streaming on Hulu, and new episodes are being added every Wednesday.