Major Marvel Character Returns In 'Doctor Strange'

A major character from the Marvel Universe made a surprising return in one of today's Marvel Comics releases.


The return takes place in Doctor Strange #382. The issue continues the Marvel Legacy story in which Doctor Strange has lost the title and responsibilities of Sorcerer Supreme to Loki. Loki has since taken up residence in the Sanctum Sanctorum with Strange's former apprentice, Zelma Stanton.

The issue reveals that Loki is searching for a spell called the Exile of Singhsoon. At first, Doctor Strange claims that the spell is just a myth, but his attitude changes when he learns that Loki and Zelma are becoming romantically involved.

This isn't petty jealousy on Strange's part. The Exile of Singhsoon does exist and its hidden behind a magically sealed door in the Sanctum Sanctorum that Loki simply cannot open despite his best efforts. The spell is described as a kind of mystical nuclear option for when things are most dire. Strange reveals that he's possessed the spell for some time and that he's always bound it to the soul of someone he cares about in order to dissuade himself from ever using it unless he has absolutely no other options.

The spell is currently bound to the soul of Zelma Stanton. If Zelma truly opens up her heart to Loki, then Loki will have access to the spell. It's this desperation that leads Strange to do what he does next.

Strange climbs up a snowy mountain and finds a surprisingly suburban-looking house perched on top. A man is watering his garden and is not happy to see Strange. They have a tense conversation, with the man reminding Strange that he promised never to come seeking his help.

The entire conversation is taking place in the man's mind. The man reminds Strange that he's not crazy anymore. Strange reminds that man that is because of his help. But Strange doesn't need this man, named Robert, he needs…

The Sentry Doctor Strange

The Sentry has been absent from Marvel's Comics for some time so, for those who aren't familiar, he's a character who was created by Paul Jenkins & John Romita Jr in a Marvel Knights series. He was later scene during Brian Michael Bendis' run on New Avengers. The Sentry was retconned into Marvel Universe history as a Superman-like hero from Marvel's early days who was incredibly powerful, but whose psyche also house a second personality, called the Void, who was even more powerful and quite deadly. In order to stop the Void, Doctor Strange and Mr. Fantastic erased every memory of the Sentry from the minds of every being on Earth, including themselves.

The Sentry was found by the New Avengers and joined the team for a time. Later, he was manipulated by Norman Osborn and the Void was released again, this time merged into the body of the Sentry, taking full control of the superhero. The Sentry, under the Void's control, killed both Ares and Loki and destroyed all of Asgard.

The Sentry was only stopped when Iron Man rammed an entire helicarrier into him. This allowed the Sentry's personality to come back to the surface. He begged for death, and Thor gave it to him, then dropped the Sentry's body into the sun.

The Sentry was resurrected as a Horsemen of Death by the Apocalypse Twins. Thor was able to convince the Sentry to aid in defending the Earth from a Celestial. The last time the Sentry was seen he was still insane from his transformation but was carrying the Celestial's body on a long journey through space.

It seems as if space may be where Strange finds the Sentry, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Has Strange been working with the Sentry without anyone else knowing what's happening? And what does Sentry's return mean for the Marvel Universe?


Doctor Strange #382 is on sale now.