Marvel Teases Spider-Men 2

It was the first crossover between Earth-616 and Ultimate Universe characters and is one of the most well-regarded Spider-Man storylines in recent years. Spider-Men (2012) was a five-issue limited series brought to us by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli. Now, it looks like we’re getting Spider-Men II courtesy of the House of Ideas.

In posts on their social media platforms, Marvel shared an animated GIF showing Peter Parker wondering if Earth-616 has a Miles Morales different than that of the one that came over in the universe-combining events of Secret Wars.

After Parker enters Miles’ name into Google, the next panel shows him uttering the words “Oh my god,” before the animation transition to a big two in Roman numerals set in front of a spider web background complete with the New York skyline at the bottom.

In the first Spider-Men storyline, Peter fell through a rift into the Ultimate Universe, where he and Miles work to stop Mysterio and his rift-creating equipment. Eventually the pair — will the help of the Ultimates, Nick Fury, and Tony Stark — were able to stop the villain from creating any additional rifts between universes.

With Secret Wars combining the Marvel Multiverse into one singular universe, it remains unknown why Peter Parker is searching out the doppelganger of Miles Morales. No further information — other than the animation shared through the Marvel Facebook page — was available, so it’s unclear whether Bendis and Pichelli will be returning for the sequel storyline or if a new creative team will be assigned to the project.

Bendis currently writes the Morales-based Spider-Man book with art by Pichelli while The Amazing Spider-Man features writer Dan Slott and a committee of various artists.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)