Marvel TV Boss Teases the Return of Legion

Marvel Television's first X-Men TV series eschewed the typical fare of superpowered fisticuffs, instead focusing on a cerebral story of how a young boy could grow up and become a monster. The story that showed the dark side of Charles Xavier's dream and the casualties it could create finally came to an end after three seasons, and David Haller finally found peace now that Legion has finished on FX.

But this might not be the end of the story, according to Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb. The executive producer of Legion said that he's hopeful showrunner Noah Hawley will find a new story worth telling and return to the world of the X-Men in the near future.

"It’s a remarkable show created and visualized by an extraordinary filmmaker. Noah carried this from the start — told us how he wanted the show to begin and how he wanted it to end — and we’ve respected that," Loeb explained in an interview with Deadline. "Having FX as our partner made it very exciting as well from both a creative and marketing stand point."

When asked about a possible continuation of Legion, Loeb added, "As to the future, that world and those characters will always be there. It’s our hope that Noah will want to return to them is any capacity he thinks is worth telling. FX remains a huge priority for us because we can tell those unexpected stories there and John Landgraf is something of a visionary himself. They 'get' us and we 'get' them. We like all of that."

Landgraf himself previously made it clear that the show was never cancelled, and that Hawley always intended to finish Legion after three seasons. The showrunner has consistently bounced between projects based on his inspiration; he's taken years off between seasons of Fargo rather than rush a narrative, and Loeb previously expressed hope that Legion could be in a similar situation.


"From Marvel’s point of view, Noah told us the end of the story when he told us the beginning of the story," Loeb said. "These characters, some of which are part of the Marvel library, will live on. I think of it as if this is the end of this graphic novel. If Noah came back to us in a day or a year, we hope that FX would want to tell the next story."

All three seasons of Legion are available to watch on the FX platform.