McDonalds Reportedly Adding a Spicy Chicken Sandwich to the Menu

You better buckle up, McDon fans — it's about to get spicy up in here. According to leaked documents obtained by Business Insider, a few long-awaited spicy chicken items are finally hitting the menu at the world's most popular fast food establishment. The documents suggest McDonald's is working on a rollout of a Spicy BBQ Sandwich plus Spicy BBQ Glazed Tenders, which will reportedly begin hitting locations in the middle of September.

While neither of the items is all that revolutionary when it comes to the world of fast food, they will momentarily fill a void that's been missing on the McDonald's menu since the chain pulled the Hot 'N Spicy Chicken sandwich from its menus in 2006. A revamped, less spicy version of the sandwich rolled out seven years after the fact, but was quickly pulled from menus as a result of plummeting sales.

Fans of the chains pre-existing buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich and the item's complementary buttermilk crispy tenders may be excited to see they're the foundation of the upcoming spicy menu additions. It appears that on the service, the same patties and tenders will be used for their Spicy BBQ variants, then doctored up with a specialized Southwestern sauce. It looks like the sauce will come slathered on either side of the chicken patty, which is then topped with onion and pickled jalapenos.

The tenders, on the other hand, appear to be tossed in the new sauce, likely a welcome sight to the sauce bosses out there that didn't want to have to dip the tenders in two separate sauces, cross-contaminating the packets — nobody has time for that!

While McDonald's did stop short of confirming the products with Business Insider, they did offer a statement teasing the arrival of a menu shakeup.


"Hold tight," McDonald's said in a statement. "Because McDonald's is bringing the heat starting in September."

Conveniently enough, this news follows on the coattails of a similar announcement by Wendy's. The McDonald's competitor announced earlier this week that it had decided to bring back the fan-favorite spicy chicken nuggets this August.