Moon Knight Episode 6 Review: Does The Finale Deliver?

Does Moon Knight deliver in its season 1 finale? There were big looming questions going into Episode 6, especially after Moon Knight Episode 5 put Marc Spector/Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) in a pretty deep hole – literally and figuratively. Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) killed Marc, sending his soul into the Egyptian afterlife. Marc and Steven couldn't find balance in their shared soul, and Steven ended up sacrificing himself to get Marc into the gates of paradise. All's well that ends well – except for the fact that Harrow is still busy summoning Ammit and banishing souls to the afterlife before their time. 

(WARNING: Moon Knight Episode 6 SPOILERS Follow!) 

Moon Knight Episode 6 turns out to be your obligatory Marvel Disney+ series finale – but that doesn't mean it's all bad! 

Back to Life, Back to... Reality?

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Marc Spector manages to get himself out of paradise and back to Earth – and even saves his buddy Steven along the way! After Episode 5's deep-dive into Marc and Steven's history, it makes total sense that Marc wouldn't be able to abandon the persona that protected his psyche from the worst moments of his life. Marvel stans everywhere likely needed a tissue when we got the big moment of Marc literally handing his heart over to a crystalized Steven, giving them both new life with a shared heart (and subsequently a shared mind, as well). 

However... as we learn by the end of the episode, that new unification is not as whole as it seems...

God-Level Battle

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has teased godly battles in franchises like Thor and Eternals – but Moon Knight actually delivered it! 

After Harrow frees Ammit and becomes her avatar, Khonshu is forced to fight Ammit (twice) in order to stop her from consuming the souls of all sinners. Khonshu and Ammit's battle was cool in terms of creating a unique visual language for MCU deities battling – and certain shots of giant Khonshu and Ammit battling in the background are lifted right from some of the more modern Moon Knight comics. 

New Avatars

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Harrow submits to being the Avatar of Ammit for his final battle with Moon Knight – and ultimately, Marc, Layla and Khonshu perform a spell to bind Ammit to Harrow's body. 

Meanwhile, Layla decides to become the avatar of Taweret, the hippo goddess that helped guide Marc and Steven in the afterlife. It was a long-running fan theory that Layla would get a superhero (or supervillain) upgrade by the end of the show – and now we have arrived. Layla turns out to be a critical partner in helping Marc and Khonshou defeat Harrow and Ammit and save the world. 

There is no Layla El-Faouly in Marvel Comics, but there is a "Faoul" family – Abdul and his son Mehemet – who each took on the mantle of the Scarlet Scarab. Scarab was a protector of Eygpt who could shift alliances; with Layla openly confirming herself as an Egyptian superhero, it does seem like this could be the MCU's take on the Scarlet Scarab character. 

Meet Jake Lockley 

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The biggest twist of Moon Knight Season 1 comes in the end-credits scene, which basically reveals that we still don't really know Marc Spector, at all. Harrow/Ammit is taken out of a mental institution (with some horrific violence) and delivered to a limousine where Khonshu is waiting for him. The moon god reveals that he never wanted Layla as his avatar – not when there's so much of Marc Spector to still play with. 

Harrow/Ammit ends up getting shot down in cold blood by Khonshu's "driver," who is Marc in his Jake Lockley persona – aka the third personality locked in the red sarcophagus in Marc's mind. Khonshu has been using Jake as his inside man all along – it is actually Jake who brutally defeats Harrow and saves Layla, when Marc/Steven/Moon Knight faltered in battle. 

 Jake clearly has access to the sort of wealth Marc Spector has in the comics, as the final shot shows Jake driving away in a custom white stretch limo with "SPKTR" on the license plate. 


Bring on Moon Knight Season 2!