Netflix In Talks With Disney to Keep Marvel and Star Wars Movies

The news that Disney is pulling its content from Netflix in 2019 has caused a big stir amongst fans of all that Disney offers through the streaming service. However,it seems that Netflix is entering talks with Disney to keep certain content available even after that deadline.

Reuters reports that Netflix is "in active discussions" with Disney to keep both Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm movies on the streaming service past 2019. That essentially covers any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Star Wars universe films and spin-offs, which are consistent high-performers for Netflix.

Disney Chief Bob Iger has made it known that the studio has not yet made a final decision yet about the distribution lanes for Marvel and Star Wars movies yet, so there is a good possibility that Netflix remains one of those lanes, while Disney launches its own streaming service featuring its own massive library of film titles, TV shows, and animated series. Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos stated that Disney and Netflix's services would essentially function in a "complementary" fashion.

With Star Wars and Marvel movies comprising two of the biggest blockbuster movie franchises of today, having them missing from Netflix would certainly be a big blow to the service. In the same fashion: Disney having two of the biggest blockbuster franchises around would give viewers of higher ages a lot more incentive to subscribe.


Stay tuned, as we'll be keeping you updated on how this develops.