Paul Rudd Recreates "Look At Us" Meme at Kansas City Chiefs Game

Paul Rudd had a busy day watching his beloved Kansas City Chiefs punch their ticket to the Super Bowl. But, he managed to make one reporter's day during the victory celebration and the Internet absolutely loved it. Charlotte Wilder writers for Sports Illustrated and happened to be on the same flight to Kansas City with the Ant-Man star. She had a very funny idea to approach the actor and recreate the popular Hot Ones meme with Rudd. For those who don't know, over the course of his appearance on the hot wing eating interview show, the star goes "Hey, look at us. Who would've thought?" It's absolutely hysterical and used plenty on Twitter whenever something unlikely happens. The bit was worth committing to for Wilder.

But, when she approached him to say hello, the writer thought better of it. Instead, she opted to just tell him that if he wanted to speak about the team, he should come and find her at the stadium. He politely said he would and then went back to doing whatever wonderful things Paul Rudd does in his spare time. The Chiefs got rolling after a bit of a slow start and never looked back. Patrick Mahomes was absolutely sensational at quarterback and soon the team was headed to the Super Bowl.

Wilder went ahead to cover the celebration in the locker room and ran into Rudd. This is where things get really funny. The Marvel star immediately recognized her and gave her a hug before saying without being prompted, "Hey, look at us. Who would've thought?" Pretty cool for the writer and an awesome scene for a guy that absolutely loves to see his Chiefs succeed. Her tweets went viral on the platform, so it's been a good day for everyone involved.


Earlier in the day, Rudd and Eric Stonestreet made a video to hype up the crowd with the team's official account. It only makes sense that he'd get to be a part of the celebration as a long time fan. Now, after the 35-24 win, the San Francisco 49ers will be waiting for the Chiefs in Miami. Nobody thinks the Chiefs are unsuspecting underdogs anymore. And today served as more proof that Paul Rudd is just a nice guy.