Robert Downey Jr. Picks Dave Bautista's Drax First In His Avengers Fantasy Draft

Iron Man, Captain America, and the rest of the remaining original Avengers all assembled against Thanos and his forces in Avengers: Endgame, and it made for one of the slickest battle sequences ever. That said, it's not like Iron Man got to pick his own team, as every hero was in the mix. The man behind the Avenger Robert Downey. Jr recently had the chance to draft his own team in a Marvel Fantasy Draft on ESPN against the Russo Brothers and Matthew Berry, and you might be surprised at which Guardian of the Galaxy was his first pick.

Things get started quickly with Downey picking Dave Bautista's Drax. When asked why he didn't pick Iron Man Downey says "he's semi-retired now." He is then asked why Drax. "I mean just look at the guy," Downey said. "First of all, he's got a dry wit, which is gonna come in handy in the huddle. There is no second reason."

Anthony Russo took advantage of Downey's skip of himself and took Iron Man, though Joe accused him of playing up to Downey. Joe would then issue his first pick as Captain Marvel, calling the pick "inarguable". "Making the argument for Cap, she can do anything. She can fly through space. She can pick up a building. She can absorb energy," Russo said, with Downey adding "she's a highlight reel."

Matthew Berry would make his first pick of the draft by taking Hulk, saying "he's indestructible, and it seems like he's a little more manageable these days."

Downey would then complete his roster by picking Black Panther as his second pick. He called Black Panther the QB of the team and cited his royalty and slick moves as reasons to pick him. For his third pick, he called on Loki, saying it's not just about on the field, but it's also about getting fashion endorsements and utilizing his knack for deception.

Anthony Russo would take Star-Lord for his second pick, citing his love of improv. His third pick was Thor, continuing his theme of improv.

Joe Russo would take Black Widow for his second pick, saying he needed some subterfuge and a thinker on the team. He would then complete the squad with Gamora. "One word. Fierce," Russo said.

Matthew Berry took Captain America off the board, and Downey did point out that the Russos didn't pick their favorite Avenger. He would finish his team with Doctor Strange, saying it "feels like he could get Hulk to other dimensions" if he needed to.


You can watch the full video above.

Avengers: Endgame is in theaters now.